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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Robert Blake and myself

I was reading what my father used to call "dirt sheets" ;)  and there was a little piece in there about whatever the hell happened to Robert Blake that we all know is guilty as hell but he got off?!

I was relieved that his daughter w/ Bonnie is in very good and capable hands!  (Thats a whole story, which I'll leave to the National Enquirer, page 26, to tell ya!)  At the end, about Robert Blake himself, it said:

"Blake is living a sad and lonely existence, spending the majority of the time in his small Los Angeles apartment ... or sipping coffee, alone ..."  (National Enquirer)

A few pages past that is the story about another once-famous living out his "sad last days" ...

Now, there is a very human part of me (especially in the case of the aforementioned Mr. Blake) that says -"Good!  So you still, basically, got a jail cell!" but there's another part of me in this, too --

Especially as my life has evolved over the past half-dozen years, my world has more and more and MORE resembled these type of people ... which I just don't get!  I didn't kill anyone and get away with it; I didn't actually do much of anything, really - except make some stupid choices, and having a propensity for being a  victim --

And I hesitate to say that.  Except in my own blog, where I feel I have the most freedom of expression.  Because I don't want to hear one person say that I'm playing the victim ; that I'm a martyr; anything like that.  Because some really awful things did happen to me, and in some cases, are still happening to me, and people are just - gone.  Not everyone, no.  But enough for it to be noticeable.  Enough for it to create big changes. 

Enough to create a Robert Blake life.

Emails, phone calls, letters in the mail, my faith, and CoCo, are things that keep me from going completely over the cliff here.

But know this:

I'm kinda sorta having the same life as these guys you read about in the "dirt sheets".

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