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Friday, August 31, 2012

This one hits home, too much

Let me preface this by saying that EVERY shooting hurts my heart, as they say down South, and I do pray for the poor people ...

... but some just hit closer to home

I just happened to catch a blurb while researching another news story :  a shooting in a Pathmark in Old Bridge, NJ!!!! ;-  More than likely there'll be at least one article blogged, but let me tell you why I'm so upset here and crying my eyes out:

I know this area.  It wasn't my regular haunt, no, but I've been in and around that area, surely.

Pathmark???  Know it very well! Still have (somewhere) my Pathmark courtesy card.

A tragedy at a Pathmark brings up the Gail Schoeller (spelling) death kidnapped from a Piscataway Pathmark, at least 15, 20 years ago now, which had ripple effects on my own life ...

Overnight, 24 hour supermarket - honey, that's one of my favorite times to go shopping, ever.

Two killed were kids with lots of promise and there whole lives clean and full of promise, right in front of them.  One, Bryan Breen, was a WRITER.  And he was still young enough to believe he was going to make it big as a writer.  And maybe he would have, too!

And this shooter?  One of the quotes from a friend was that he just wasn't right since his mother died five years ago ... man, I hesitate to say that about my beloved father, too, because my complicated and prolonged grieving DOES NOT manifest itself like Terrence Tyler's! but in a small way I understand ...

God have mercy on us all +

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