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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Laundry Girl///Cost-Effective Lunch

Well, I finally got to the laundromat.  FINALLY.  I only picked a day where it went back to heatwave temps, which I didn't realize before I left (it was at least 9 degrees hotter than the weather channel said it was - I'm really mad at them!  They're usually so accurate and that's why I check their website often, and - based on there misinformation - I went out thinking it was not so bad, and, wound-up heatsick ;- ) - be that as it may, here are my two laundromat stories of the day:

As I was loading the washer, a mother was done and trying to get out the back door w/ her completed laundry and her maybe 3 year old daughter ... who was fine - happy happy, day w/ Mommy :)  Now, our laundromat is pretty much cheek-by-jowl with, and on the same street level as, the train tracks ... which Southern Pacific and other freight carriers make frequent use of.  Well, all of a sudden, one roared through - you can feel the vibrations in the buildings (like the laundromat), they're LOUD, and THEN they blow the whistle constantly as they cross Main St.  Well, the little girl had a meltdown - she started screaming, 'I DON'T LIKE IT HERE ANYMORE!!!  I WANNNNA GO HOOOOME!!!!'  -- Much identification with you, kid:  altho the train doesn't (usually) bother me, when I'm overwhelmed and frightened - I just want to go to my safe place, too .....<3

While it was washing, I went over to Ray's Diner (across the tracks, other side) and had what is a cost-effective lunch BECAUSE (drum roll please!) - yes, folks, they had baked tenderloin today!  That's a two for one lunch :)  I eat the sides, the roll, and drink a drink, and Miss CoCo gets her most favorite thing in the world! she puts her paw in the container and when she's done, she chomps on her paw ;)  Thanks, ladies of Ray's!!!

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