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Monday, August 20, 2012

CoCo (and mine, too) - a new food yum!

This is a post written completely, totally from my own fingers (and heart and tummy, lol!).  I'm getting no compensation from the company   

So I saw these doggy cookies online (somewhere ... maybe as a promo in an email?) that BOTH humans and dogs can eat!  Really!  This is NOT apparently like the time my friend Danny got bored when I was having a phone call and picked up a Milkbone and had a snack ;)  The bags literally have a tag on them that say "The treat you BOTH can eat!" and even have a picture of a pug and owner each with their own ;)

So when they arrived, I opened them up and ... well, at first, I wasn't sure.  They were pretty hard little nuggets: in fact, I had to dip mine in my coffee to soften it up.  It wasn't bad; but I was "hmmm" about giving it to CoCo:  we share teeth 'issues' - at 15, she's generally not up for anything harder than a Pupparoni.  The harder biscuits she does eat, are the ones that are minscule for people who have pocketbook dogs, and she licks them to death first.  These were bigger than that, and as I said - they seemed on the harder side.  Hmmm ... I wondered if I would be having alot of coffee snacks!


Oh my God!  COCO IS IN LOVE!!!  Literally!  I have never seen her find a snack beyond the aforementioned Pupparoni's that she'll come over and nudge me for, and make a little piggy out of herself over - until these Little Eatz!!!  And they've done something else, too --

Between her age and having had her sister of the heart go over the Rainbow Bridge a few summers ago now, CoCo is 'all played out', pretty much ... she'll sleep with rather than wrestle, her stuffed bears; she'll scratch up the bathroom rug, sure, but that's more of a stress reliever ... 


Like with most snacks, I casually tossed a few on her bed in the living room ... well, I'm sitting here at the computer and I hear her snorting - what's she snorting about?! - OH MY GOD SHE"S PLAYING WITH THEM!  She's burying them under her blanket, finding them, rolling them on the tip of her nose!  Hey, if I had video capability, I'd include one - its too adorable and you'd never know her age!  And THEN, after playing w/ them - "gotcha!" crunch ;)

So I'm watching the stash here, making sure they don't get too low <3

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