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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sometimes, you catch things later....

So I was sharing in another online forum about my several-years-long procrastination in going through boxes of *stuff* that hold emotional context for me ... and how I successfully! eliminated a box this past week! - yeah, me :)  I actually got it down to one desk drawer (from this HUGE box) and every once in a while ...

I came across one of my dad's credit card bills from 2005.  By the handwriting on it, I can tell it was he who paid that bill - quite impressive, actually, if you consider he was already pushing the 90s and Alzheimer's disease, and would die 2 years later!!!  (Actually, his bill paying wasn't always so accurate or timely by then, and - a whole other story - let's just say I was a watchful eye ...).  Anyway - there's something about this particular bill, you see --

I just happened to notice a $12.00 charge to belong to an online group

which would generally imply "oh that's something my daughter Jean is up on"


I recognize the group's name

IT WAS SOMETHING MY EX-HUSBAND WAS INVOLVED IN.  WE HAD SPLIT FOR GOOD IN 2003.  THIS BILL WAS 2005.  --- Wait for it - that isn't even the ultimate irony -- wait for it --

the name of the group was


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