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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Small-Town Life (an occasional series ...)

It was around six in the evening, maybe, when I took CoCo out last night ... a lovely, cool but not cold, perfect for walking!, time of day, and here is what we saw:

There was a mom, on a bicycle, with her two kiddys, each of them on there own bicycles - and the mom had the family dog on one of those leash's that connect to the spokes of the bike! and what looked to be a Golden Retriever was very happy!

And then there was the guy-kid ...

I call him that because he looked like one of those early middle school students who is still really pretty much a kid, but his body has suddenly gone into adult proportions ... he was on a bicycle, one that he was very familiar with riding, because he was able to coast along with no heads AND keeping it steady on ... and he needed to do that because he was on one of  those cell phones that you need to speak into like a walky-talky ... his "I'm changing!" adolescent squeak voice announced to his buddy, "You know Samantha?  Well she has my number and I have hers!" with obvious pride!  It was just so small-town innocent - like the picture of how you wanted your son to be growing up ....

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