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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How the Lord’s Prayer saved a 9/11 survivor

How the Lord’s Prayer saved a 9/11 survivor  

His talking about this event has several ways he expresses himself that just resonate with me, to my very toes - beginning w/ the ending, where he talks about what will happen when he dies.  Also - how he describes the scene, and how he describes the cloud ... how he describes his sense of Jesus when he was actually still in the building ... and how he reminds us of the thousands of acts of good/God that day <3


  1. P.S. And what he said about the plane going into the building - that also struck me as a powerful piece of writing. ~ Jeannee

  2. truly there were thousands of acts of good/God that day.
    Hard to believe it's been 11 years now! Seems like such a short time ago-- but glad to know everyone is still remembering :)

    very touching.

    +PS thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog, they always make me smile, you are such a genuine person :)

  3. oh jeannee, this is such a powerful piece. it is amazing how many uplifting stories came from that tragic event!!

    as i reflect on 911, i will always focus on a nation, united together. a nation who's spirit could not be broken!! in so many ways, it made us stronger, kinder and more loving!!

    thanks for your amazingly kind comments, i have my mojo back and i could not be more excited!!