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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sadness in the Skye

My father was very close to his cousin Freddy (how much actual family relation there was, I'm unsure of) and yeahhh there are many Uncle Freddy stories I can tell!  However, today I want to share about his surviving daughter, and what the internet can tell you ...

She was from his last (and third) marriage, his one shining hope in the whole wide world especially after his namesake son crashed and burned so badly in his life (and died young, to boot) ... This whole marriage was a type of May-December thing, and his wife was a genius, and determined to raise her daughter to be a genius, too ...

And yeahhh ok life happened :  Uncle Freddy got caught in something that's a whole long story and has several versions of it, which caused his marriage to fracture - look - neither one of them were saints - both of them did things they really shouldn't! - but here's the one big thing:  they both loved their daughter <3

It was a little hard to find this young woman - she's completely removed her father's name and in fact carries her mother's name ... when I did find her, I saw so much of my own daughter, and countless other kids, as well, who are so spittingly angry at there parents for actually God forbid! being HUMAN!, that they live there lives not as themselves, so much, but as angry acting out against what their parents were and believed ...

This young woman had a father from another time and place, who felt the worst thing for a young white woman to do, was to be involved with a man from another race ... this girl has married that guy, and has a child.

And her mother, who literally created her to be a genius by the time she was seven?  what would her mother think of her daughter JUST NOW graduating - not from an Ivy League school, not from a four year college, not with another Master's or PhD - but a degree from a community college?!!  Someone typed in the comments that her mother would be proud of her.  I think her mother would be confused!

At least it reads like she's a good mom, and I know where she got that from:


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