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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Parking Lot Psycho ... I'm still shook

So I was in the Wal Mart parking lot this afternoon ... very crowded : I figured everyone would be having picnics and family events but apparently for alot of college students with $ and no classes (and others) ...

So I was about to pull into a handicapped space.  Let me clarify:  I had my turn signal on, I was driving s l o w with my foot on the brake, and I was already halfway into the space when

A little white car came shooting up at me.

I  thought to myself - I'm not fighting for a handicapped space even if I really need it today - so I came to a complete stop

That's when I realized

The guy wasn't going for the space - he was trying to hit the front of my SUV with his little white car!

"What are you doing?!" I yelled (closed window) and waved my hands.

He went around the front of my truck barely by an inch, pulled up alongside me, his window open and his car full of passengers - some of whom looked alarmed at him and were tugging on him - and he started to bellow I AM THE FRIGGIN KING YOU MOVE FOR ME BITCH

My God I'm going to die, I thought - it's a parking lot psycho

I was so scared I couldn't even think to pray - just -stare

His friends in the back seat were especially persuasive and so he drove off

I got the space

but I've not felt right since - I'm still shook

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