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Friday, September 21, 2012

"At a deep level"

And so it is with my parents.  I see now that even after their deaths, their example of loving-kindness continues to teach me and guide my life.  That goes deeper than just warm memories.  My parents are in me at a deep level, deeper than the mind can comprehend, as deep as the heart.  And surely God was their heart's teacher. ~ Linda Tatum

I did a favor for a friend today.   Twice we bunked into the "but Jean let me pay you --"  Twice I insisted that I could NOT, because 'my parents will come back to haunt me for going against how they raised me!'  Instead, this is a better and more accurate reason why I did what I did and refused an open wallet ... and when I reminded that friend 'hey I'll need something and then you'll be there' -- it was to also remind him that - even with his own tragedies, griefs, and losses -- yes, he is still a very good person, who has lovingkindness in his own heart <3

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  1. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the ever so kind comment you left on my blog was such a joy to read and I appreciated it so much! x