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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I take it to my own blog, bahbee ...

About a year ago now? I was quite taken aback when one of the beauty guru's on YouTube talked about a hate site that was trashing her - not that I didn't believe her! but it just sounded - no way!

Way.  Gossip guru, and it's pretty darned raw, in places ....

Ours is a society drenched in trash talk and yet - I didn't get it.  For a looong time, I didn't get it.  I mean - if you don't like a particular beauty guru - can't you just hit the unsub button, for pity's sakes?!  I've done that with several that just crossed the wrong line in what content I want to see.  And that's that.

Until today.

Today, I almost - I caught myself about to register to post.  Thankfully, I caught myself!  Because I don't need the community validation to know that someone was snarky and rude and

I have my own blog, thank you ;)

There is a cute young blonde guru who goes by the name Pinkhoneybeee.  Ok, I admit it: when I'm stressed out, when I'm tired and in pain and can't sleep - I like to watch these young women have the wonderful lives they do!  To try to think of myself in there shoes ... or my daughter, because she's usually closer to there age than I am ...

So, a few moments before, I went to watch one of her videos.  She was giving a product review.  I had a problem w/ the review : the music would blow you out of your seat - so you'd turn it down and then you couldn't hear it ;-  And that was what I put in the comments.  No trash talk, nothing bad - simply that I wanted to watch it but the audio was giving me a problem.

Almost immediately, I heard back from pinkhoneybeee ... and her comment was snarky and rude.  And almost brought me to the doorstep of the trash talk guru gossips.  Here's what she wrote:

"Hmm? I don't think it was hard to follow. This is a review & it's pretty self explanatory! My music is a part of my intros & that's not going to change. I'm not a quiet person & I definitely wasn't quiet in this video nor any other video i've done. It must be your computer because no one else seems to have that problem hearing or understanding me... You should get a Macbook pro.. All your hearing and understanding problems would be solved :)"

And how much is Macbook pro paying you for your promotion, hmmmm????  And has anyone else in your life (especially considering you work in a public position - she's a dental hygene person) considered you rude and/or disrespectful, hmmmm????

I've unsubbed.  And, the power of the blog, bahbee, the power of the blog ....


  1. Hi Jeannee. Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Online communication is rife with misunderstanding. Without tone or body gesture to augment our speech, comments get misperceived. I'm sure your mention of the audio-level problem was fine; most bloggers would welcome the feedback (and adjust their posts). This gal took it the wrong way and reacted badly.

    Best wishes.