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Monday, April 22, 2013

What does Jessy have to do w/ my old Math class?!

About 20 years or so ago now, I was actually trying to be a community college student! ... One of the things that brought fear to the heart was that I was going to have to take a Math 101 type of course - Math having been the bane of my existence since around second grade ;- this wasn't very good news! ... the so-called college counselor (who didn't give me ALL the information, as you'll see) let me know there were options:  for example - I could take this class in a gap period, between regular semesters; the class would be about three weeks or so ....

Three weeks V a semester and get it the heck over with - oh, sign me up!!!

What the counselor at Middlesex County College of Edison, NJ, failed to fill me in on was that the gap class was an INTENSIVE.  Now, if it was a subject like English or History that I had some depth of knowledge on already, I would have probably been okay -- but to get into something that I've always struggled with and have it go at warp speed - with a teacher that there was a cultural clash with?!!  I wasn't the only student who was in tears by the end of the first week and taking a withdraw-fail, by the start of the second!!!

I thought about this earlier today with Jessy the former waitress who was in the horrific ATV crash that killed her fiancee ... saw a friend of hers and asked for an update on how she's doing???

Well, see - Jessy doesn't have health care.  And the University of Virginia hospital she's at in Charlottesville, was having far too many critically ill patients with no health care, who then couldn't afford to go to rehab - so they'd go from a hospital bed, to discharge, and have all these health problems that weren't addressed by being in a short-term physical and occupational rehab situation.  So what U Va Hospital did was to create an in-hospital rehab for such patients, so at least they would have *some* rehabilitative work before being sent back to their lives ...

This rehab is about two WEEKS or so long.

If Jessy had health care, if we as a nation had health care for everyone, for a female in her early 20s who worked good and hard for six years as a waitress and who has a child to go home & take care of, I figure she'd be sitting in a rehab facility for several MONTHS.

And of  course I thought of my old college Math class ...

Please pray with me - for Jessy and what she faces; and for all the Jessy's out there - some of whom I'm sure - whomever you are, whatever place you occupy in this world - you must know! - and for our broken system of so-called health care.

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