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Friday, April 5, 2013

A type of Gratitude List (Fri, April 5, 2013)

I know all about Gratitude Lists ... I believe in them ... I've written (and typed!) them out.  But I was just reading what a friend ALSO writes:  "3 things I did right today" - and boy! has that struck me!  Because as I sit here right now I have not even gotten to the shower (& its 10:48 pm), nor have I made any important phone calls or visits this week ;(  So a list of things I did right (starting w/ today) ???  Yeahhh, I think that'll help!  So, here it goes:

I sat outside w/ CoCo in the sunshine & made her day <3  In fact, speaking of CoCo - she ate very well because Mommy has done her shopping for her sweetheart :) 

I didn't drink.  I didn't run amuck.

I didn't do anything that was immoral, unethical, or a felony.

I didn't overexpose myself in my clothing choices.


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