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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The words of Dr Pettit - my heart resonates!

I pinned this Oprah transcript I came across quite accidentally, while researching someone else ... Dr Pettit is the only survivor of a horrific home invasion that took the lives of his 2 daughters & beloved wife.  Oprah interviewed him.  There were things he said that I just sat here reading them and - I had to stop & scribble them down in my notebook!  I pinned the article.  And now, I want to share them on my own blog:

Forgiving the essence of evil is not appropriate.

(About people telling him to live in the moment)  "That's ok for people who have a past they can touch and a future they can dream for - but when you feel like alot of your past is gone and there's no future, the present loses some meaning"  (He then talks next about his faith - specifically, how his belief in an afterlife, and especially about being reunited with his family - have kept him from suicide)

I just don't think you can lose your whole family and have closure.  There's a jagged hole in your heart & in your soul that - over time - the waves of goodness maybe smooth the jagged edges, but the hole remains. 


  1. "Often the test of courage is not to die ... but to live" Vittorio Alfieri

  2. you know how to good a good impression