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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Walmart's bench ...

I had big plans for the 'Big City' today, but wasn't too sure how much I could actually do, what w/ the fibromyalgia kicking up ... gamely, I went down and 

and I got in the checkout line of Walmart and 

oh, honey ;-

I was too fatigued & overwhelmed w/ body pain to even consider driving the 16 miles back home

Usually when that happens, I'll sit in my vehicle and rest first BUT - argh!  Sunday - 'the world' is at Walmart (apparently no one goes to parks or anything anymore ;- ) - and so I knew I would be constantly jarred by incessant honker-gesturers impatient for me to pull-out so they could get the space that yeahhh I wasn't planning to vacate --

ergo --

I decided to take the bench right inbetween the two doors - yes, one marked entry, one marked exit, but they're interchangeable - 

well, let me tell YOU!

I have not enjoyed peoplewatching so much since the last time I found a mall I could smoke cigarettes in while doing so!!!

It was the most interesting parade of humanity I have seen in - well, forever!  In fact what skittered across my mind was something available on the Chictopia website, that I have always before sighed and rolled my eyes at ('dammed trashtalk is everywhere in this day and age!') but how appropriate it seemed today! - it's called - wait for it --

'Everybody is Ugly'  ;)~~

I don't even know how long I was there - but apparently it was quite a while, because the Greeter started glaring at me in an un-greeterly manner ;)

Hey!  I'm resting AND having FUN :) 

And I'm going to do it again, real soon!!!  

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