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Friday, April 12, 2013

A Parent?!

I was just in the dollar store and was quite taken aback when - as I paused where the aisle T--ed - there was a little girl walking around holding a puppy!!!

The animal had no leash on "in case of", either ... I looked around, figuring a girl of about 7 had to have a parent, yes?!  

Ahhh, there's Mom :  with her hands full between a case of soda and the biggest multi-roll pack of toilet paper - so no available hands "in case of".

Did I mention that Mom, who was mid to late 20s, had on an Ozzy Osbourne baseball cap AND her license plates read "N2Ozzy"?!

Other customers were caught between astonishment like I had and "oh that's a cute puppy!" ... when I got to the register, I smiled at the asst manager working the cash & said, "Gee!  I see you sell cocker spaniel puppies now, too!"

She looked at me like I just told her she had a second head growing out of her shoulders.

Then, she looked down the line - and about lost it!  "M'am!  That girl and puppy have to wait outside!!!"

The mother repeated this to the daughter ... who walked over rightnextto, but NOT outside, the door.  And stood there with a defiant mug on her face, giving me the laser death stare.

Gee ... I wonder from whom she picked that up?!

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