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Friday, April 12, 2013

A Parent.

People look at me quite oddly when they see me "pulling loose hair" out of CoCo - as in : "whatever is she doing to that poor dog!"  ;-

Let me clarify this, in several dimensions ...

It doesn't hurt her; I don't pull, but take the loose hairs and white tufts, off her.  She doesn't walk away when I do this.  She doesn't give a warning growl or nip - nothing like that! 

I do this because - if I don't do this - she chews on it (isn't loose hair from your head, especially if its too long and falling out, annoy and itch the hell outta YOU?! it does me!) and then we have problems:  upset stomach///having to run outside to chomp grass to settle it; coughing like a cat with a hairball because hair is so dry! ...

One more thing:  if I do this outside, then it's not in the carpet to be vacuumed up :)

Yeahhh, I am a pet mommy <3

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