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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Millennial Upstairs (correction to an earlier blog post)

Earlier this week, there was a big problem with the kids upstairs from me - beyond a drunken party that got out of hand, it surely sounded like there was a young woman being beaten ... and there were other neighbors who witnessed a naked young woman being dragged by four men from one apartment to the other, as she desperately banged on doors for assistance.

I do not live in a wild place or bad area, because my nerves can't take it; I had to take necessary, anti-anxiety medication, and have been trying to deal with this emotionally all week long ... earlier this afternoon, I finally got a chance to talk to the young woman living above me whose apartment it is, and I got the "horse's mouth" story, and I learned that while they may be millennials and I'm a woman looking at a half-century mile marker, alcoholism doesn't change its face:

The young woman who sounded like she was being beaten - she is a woman who drinks and a switch flips; and in her case, she just goes nuts and starts assaulting people, including her own boyfriend ...

The woman who was being dragged?  That's another story of alcoholism, too, for this woman is mentally disturbed and trying to self-medicate with what she can purchase over the counter ... which she does alone in her apartment with the lights off and her clothes off, as well - one of these "stinkin' thinkin'" things that makes sense when you're drinking, see ... and then she hit this spot where she decided she was lonely, after all, and she wanted her brother home, so she just strolled outside buck naked four doors down and went to collect her brother from his party --

And just about everyone else there, except for her brother, was speechless and stunned at what late-stage alcoholism can look like, literally - except her brother.  The brother said, without missing a beat, "She gets like this guys!  Help me get her home, okay?"  And so they picked her up bodily and went to bring her home ...

And around that time in hearing this story, I distinctly recalled being 19, married, very drunk; a passenger in a car driven by my just as drunk husband; and he got verbally abusive, see ... and we stopped for a traffic light ... and I was 19 and drunk and it seemed to make sense for me to turn to look at the men in the car next to us and mouth "help me!" -- these good guys jumped out - ran to the passenger door - pulled out my husband - and beat the tar outta him!  Boob being wiry and young, escaped; he jumped back in the car and we drove home, and walked into my in-laws house where we were living, screaming, "MA! Some guys beat up Bobby at a light - no reason at all! Get bandages!!! We just don't know WHY!!!"

About that same form of alcoholic thinking hit this young woman as she beat desperately on her neighbors doors for "help" as her brother and his buddies were trying to get her naked, drunken self back into her own apartment for safety, because don't you know? you can't get into any trouble whatsoever! drinking by yourself in your own home! or so the alcoholic thinking spirals round & round ....

And so that is THAT, and THAT will keep me sure sober for another day!!!

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