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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jeannee and her nerves ....

Part of a longer story, but suffice it to say for now, this old story:  I was once involved in a traffic accident that was purely the other guy's fault - he had one of those two-seater foreign jobs and tried to squeeze between stopped traffic, one of which was my Blazer and - yeahhh, wreckage!  And I have a very distinct memory of my father (who was a passenger) telling the cop, "My daughter's the nervous type ..."

Well, I am! 

In fact a previous neighbor here nailed it when - in conversation one day - I referred to myself as someone who tries to be the invisible tenant and he said, "Oh, you do that very well!"  ;) He caught himself - worried he was being insulting - but I reassured him: if he thought so, and he was my neighbor - then I've done the right thing :)  I want to be quiet, live quiet, be no trouble at all ... and with that because of my nerves and all - I need to live around people who are the same!!!

Overnight I had a problem w/ an upstairs neighbor, that seemed to me, at the time, to be a group of 18 year old kids who just got carried away - went outside and talked to 4 of the boys standing outside, and I was not resistant to being apologized to and begged not to call 911 -- okay, sure, I'll give y'all another chance ... and they did!  They quieted right down as if someone put there hand on a switch!

Went to bed around 3, got up at 8, still not thinking anything more about it - until another neighbor flagged me down when I went to take CoCo outside --

Apparently what I heard, wasn't what she saw from peeking out in fear from her front window.

Let's just say -- this is real, real BAD.  Awful bad.  To where if - what happened is what we think happened - and I don't see how many other ways to look at it! - some poor young woman, whatever kind of loud "Girls Gone Wild" kook she may just be - is going to be in therapy at least for the next few years, anyway ...

I'm shaking.  I've been, and I can't stop!

My neighbor - who has lived here since the 90s, mind you! - is literally looking into her options for moving.  And once I can becalm my nerves, I'm going to work on my application for a place I've got a reference to --

Sure, it'll be cheaper.

And there's a laundry facility on the floor.

And my friends already live there.

And its back in my home state.

But you know what the most appealing part of it is right now?!

It's with a bunch of senior citizens, and such souls are generally quiet ... they've got shot nerves, too!!!

God have mercy on us all.


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