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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Questions ... part 2

Where did you grow up? NJ

  What's an odd habit of yours. If I'm having alot of anxiety, I can greatly reduce it if I just very carefully arrange stacks of paper-related items (newspapers, books, et al)

  Favorite TV show? I go through phases. Currently I'm watching alot of West Wing,; you can check into my Hulu account -that'll tell you alot ;)

 What type of cellphone do you use? A Tracphone I was blessed w/ as a gift, after being phoneless for a year +

 How tall are you? 5' 8'' and mebbe a quarter BUT if I go to the chiropractor, I'm 5'9" ;)
  What's a talent of yours? Writing!
 Favorite accessory? I have a cross and necklace my beloved Dad gave me that I wear all the time.  As for accessories to put on, I forget them alot, and, I really love them! especially a gift watch.
One daring fashion trend you'd like to try? The high-low dress. Some of them look like a drunk person sewed them, tho ;-

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