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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

thank jeebus what I said (thereabouts) when my upstairs neighbors moved out -- 

Now, f2f, they were a nice couple!  Loved their dog!

The problem was "boots".

I think perhaps because the guy was maybe all of five foot four (that's my best guess because a few times I deliberately stood next to him and my mother was five four, so, see, I can guess by where a person comes up to on me) but he was one into wearing these heavy-soled boots - like military boots.  Like I swear they had to be triple-soled each layer w/ lifts and steel toes besides.  Seriously - if anyone knows a brand like this, please leave it in the comments!

Because he would go upstairs and STOMP STOMP STOMP -- to where I've had pictures fall off the wall ... to where CoCo has gotten scared and ran and hid ... to where I've had bouts of yelling up MUST YOU BANG!

So last night my next-door neighbor said to me, "You have someone new over you."  I knew that - I heard them moving in.  Then my neighbor said, "You know who it is."


Yeahhh, I've already heard it on the stairs right outside my living room window ....


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