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Sunday, June 3, 2012

An Antidote to the May 11th post

Since that all happened, I'm very - particular - about how and where I walk CoCo:  opposite side of the street, for one thing ... 

During our regular walk, I wave to this elderly couple that sits outside in the shade - they have an older house, and outside the kitchen is a covered breezeway area, and that's where they 'perch' -- they can see out to the street, so when CoCo and I walk by, they wave ...

Well yesterday I was quite surprised to see the woman coming down her driveway - walking stick and lavender casuals from the Blair catalog, and all!  We stopped to chat.  She's 88 years old, God love her!  Her arthritis was making her stiff, so she got up to move around.  She petted CoCo, asked where I lived, and all of that alone would have been very nice!  but then 

Then she invited us to come back sometime and sit a spell with her and her husband!

She said, "We can talk about good times, your times, my times, bad times, all times!" 

She was so sweet.  And so symbolic of a big part of the reason WHY I moved back to the Shenandoah Valley!!!  I have to say, her neighbor across the way is not the way things usually go - I knew that, of course!

but its always good to have a reminder! <3

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