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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Tryin' Not to get too excited, but

Overcast today- alot of barometric pressure.  Went back to bed this morning because my poor legs were so sore ;-

When I was asleep, I had this dream ... it was about one of the kids from next-door summers ... now, it wasn't a dream about us being kids: it was a dream about the two of us sitting down and looking at things tempered by an adult's viewpoint, looking at the bitter things especially, but there were laughs in there, as well ...

Now, it was a very strong, clearly defined, dream.

And I put alot of stock in dreams.

I went up on Facebook.  I found his oldest brother - would never have picked him out of a crowd as being whom he was except the smile was identical!  Sent him and two others I found (that I wouldn't have picked out of a crowd, neither, one especially so) a message.   Some of the geographical locations I saw supported people's "Jean there's a good reason why" people said when I grew angry that I never got a card or phone call when my Dad died - my Dad who was their beloved Uncle Artie, a real father figure in a dearth of positive adult role models.

Where I'm trying not to get too excited isn't with my dream and my reaction to it -that's quite normal for me, to have someone come back into my life like that and for me to take it seriously, to pray for them, and/or to look for them -- what I'm trying not to get too excited about is this:  how often I have refound people online and either its been a bust -I thought we'd be close again and I'm lucky if I even see game notifications from them on my wall - and then other times - well - mebbe I just didn't need to know how the story turned out, after all ....

I'm trying not to get too excited that this time will be different ; that we'll reconnect in the everyday and be close once again ...


  1. Good luck reconnecting with your lost friends praying it goes as you would wish and you find those you are looking to connect with xx Heather

  2. ah good luck! I hope it all goes according to planned!