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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Laundry Day

As I was unloading the dryer @ the laundromat just about a half hour ago now (not even ...), a woman came in ... now, she was maybe a little bit older than me... and hey! she looked far better than I did!  Her hair was neatly pinned-up (and colored) ; she wore lipstick, earrings, and clean clothes

and she walked slowly and w/ a limp

I smiled and kept unloading 

I get out in the parking lot and I see her going over  to the back of an SUV w/ one of those wheeled laundry carts they have ... and I happen to notice, even w/ her tinted windows, that she had so much laundry -well! if I dragged out all the laundry I have, it would look like that, too!

I'm thinking to myself, she's alone, she's limping ... alright, let me get my laundry in my front seat and I'll help her ...

I happen to turn around from doing so and I'm looking right into her front seat (which doesn't have tinted windows) and I realize

oh my good God she's living out of this vehicle

I got to see maybe my near future in the parking lot laundromat today ... the well-dressed version, that is. 

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