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Friday, June 22, 2012

A hand-y means of prayer

It later became a running joke between me and a friend I'll call "D" :  we were in the same room for a meeting ... it was  before the start ... she was sitting across the room from me ... and ... she started waving at me, so, ok, I walked over - "What?" and she said "What?" and we went back and forth before we both realized -- she wasn't waving at me! she was putting on hand lotion, and the way she worked it between her fingers was to clasp her hands together and wave them around ...yeahhh, just like you wave at a friend ;)  LOL!

And I have found this a hand-y means of prayer.

This is nothing new ; I've seen variations on this theme written in places like Daily Guideposts, for example, where the writer talked about remembering who gave her what in her well-appointed home and praying for the giver whenever she used said object ...

My method is when I put on lotion --

When I wave it in, I remember to always pray for "D" and her special-needs son.

Would love to hear how YOU adapt this!!!

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