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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why is she handing me a butter tub?!

A while back now, I had ordered cookies from kids selling it for fundraisers ... and I've been wondering ... where are my cookies!  I want cookies ;)

So just a little while ago a very nice, very scared of a barking dog little girl came to my door and - well, she handed me what looked like a butter tub!!!  I didn't ask her because she was literally trembling because of CoCo, the poor thing ; I simply said "thanks!" and let her scurry away ...

I brought it to the kitchen, opened it - what was inside looked like commercial butter but - peanut butter ... at that point, I decided to read the label - which honestly wasn't much help at first except in telling me it had all these things I shouldn't be eating! but then in fine print - there were baking instructions.  And I think that's when the lightbulb appeared over my head, lol - what I thought would be a package of cookies, was instead cookie batter.  Ahhhhh, I see, I see, said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw ;)~~

I'll let you know how they are ..............


  1. Well times certainly have changed - I would have been expecting ready-made's too;)). Thank you so much for your kind words sweetie:) xo

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  3. hahaha....i would rather have them already baked. i love girl scout cookies!!

  4. See? I expected them that way, and, I would have preferred them that way, too! Turns out I've apparently ordered FOUR tubs (so far ...) which have turned into a "neighborhood thanks" as I passed them along to my neighbor next door who bakes for friends, family, co-workers - she was very happy to get them! Whew! I'm glad someone was!

  5. Fresh baked is best, Love!! Give it a go!!