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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Favorites "tag"

I saw this on someone else's blog, and I decided to tag myself ;)  I'm just feeling pulled down in several different areas right now ... so something light like this is the ticket :)

1. Clothes Shop:  Hmmm.  I don't really clothes shop anymore (broke!) but I would have to say Roman's, Lane Bryant, Dots.
2. Furniture Shop: Interesting question!  I honestly don't think I have one.  I do know that after my encounter in Ashley furniture, tho, I'm not likely to shop there again ;- (there black trucks should have been a warning, hey?!)
 3. Sweet: La Bonbonniere bakery in my hometown!  "Over the counter", Entenmann's is a strong contender, but there are always Devil Dogs (sigh - back East - Devil Dogs again!)
4. City:  Cities, plural.  South Edison (hometown) ; Manasquan (summer hometown, altho I have a sneaking suspicion its changed so much, I may not recognize it ;- ); Harrisonburg, Va. is a strong contender.
5. Drink: See #11!
6. Music: Depends.  I do like jazz and country, for example, but more so from the times they were strong in my life - like - if you put this on the radio now, I more than likely wouldn't recognize who was singing!  I like alot of the music Delilah plays, how's that!   And  Christian.7. TV-Series:  I'm very strong on cop shows BUT not one where the cop is a buffoon or a real jerk.  I like classic tv (nostalgia bites).  And drama - someone else's for a change!
8. Film:  Current strong fave's are classic horror:  Them! (ask me why my mother hated when this was on, when I was growing up, lol!) ; Deadly Mantis
9. Workout:  My biggest workout is trying to figure out how to survive on Social In-Security ;)
10. Pastries: See #3
11. Coffee:See #5!  LOL  I like regular coffee - nothing tarted-up - light and sweet, a couple of ice cubes so I don't burn my tongue.

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