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Sunday, October 23, 2011

One for the books: APPLES?!!

Last night I was sitting here on my computer and this horrific noise - something was slammed hard into the side of my house right by where I was sitting ;-  It literally sounded like someone had whipped a baseball against the exterior wall!!!  But that made absolutely no sense, because my house is less than 20 feet from my neighbor's, and she surely wasn't throwing anything at my house! 

But the noise persisted.  I was afraid it was going to hit the windows and shatter them!  CoCo simply got scared, ran, and hid. 

All my flashlights were dead, so I walked outside and walked around to the alley - see I was thinking it was a kid, but there was no one there.  It was full-dark, nighttime, so there was nothing I could see ... but after the noises persisted, I went outside and moved my truck so the headlights shone in that alley - and still, there was no person to see - and that's what I was looking for:  a living, breathing, person, one I could grab and go talk to their parents about the wild life their kid was having here, and - nothing, no one.

But by that point, I was scared - scared that the window was going to be broken by what I could only tell you were baseballs - that's what it sounded like - so I shut the light.  I went into my bedroom in the back of the house and then the noise started back there, too!  I shut the light in the bedroom and the noise stopped.

So now I have this mysterious something that I have no explaination for, pounding against my house, frightening CoCo - which in a sense was a good thing, because it was giving me proof that I wasn't just "hearing this"!  I honest to God didn't know what to do!  Calling the police for unknown house noises sounded like I was a nut case, so I didn't do that; it was between 9 and 10 pm, so I didn't want to disturb my next door neighbor, who is an early sleeper (altho yes she and her boyfriend were home).  I did speak to Kevin and he was perplexed as I was, and he had no idea of what this could be about, either.

Eventually it did stop.  And I did get to sleep.

Got up this morning and when I walked into the kitchen, and specifically went over to change CoCo's water dish, which is right by the floor to ceiling window, I saw it:  outside, on my lawn - not baseballs, but APPLES.  In fact, they're all over the grass alley between the houses and my back yard.  SIMPLE :  THAT'S WHAT WAS HITTING MY HOUSE - APPLES!  NOT SO SIMPLE:  HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN, SINCE I HAVE A FENCED YARD AND OUR HOUSES ARE LIKE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND IT WASN'T MY NEIGHBOR?!

I have some theories :  the best guess idea, for right now, is that someone - possibly on the street that Ts and is just two houses away from my own - had a catapult.  It doesn't sound too outrageous, considering such things have been in the popular media, with the show Little People, Big World, for one, having the father build one and use it for an annual pumpkin throw.  I guess I'm supposed to be happy that whomever this was was stocked with apples that would have been perfect for a pie, instead of pumpkins, because can you imagine the damage that would have caused ;-

I'm glad my time to be attached here is almost over with, and I have the apples to prove it ;-

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