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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I did today .....

I spent money I didn't have on, on books.  Well - it was at Goodwill, which tells you it was really inexpensive AND c'mon it helps a good cause!  Of course they don't know how to run things there :  only when I was up at the register did I even see a rolling rack that - had it been in the correct place with the rest of the printed material - I would haven't even looked at the books - I would have just said "how much to roll that rack of books and dump it in my vehicle?" - well, I did get some off that rack, anyway!  so I guess I should look at it like that! 

Now of course I'm going to be with the change, living on (is this the change Obama promised me, cause that's how it's working for me!) but it's okay because I bought books!  Of course it wouldn't be so bad if the closing was Monday, but then the buyers had to send some appraiser in here and oh boy that's another story - guy's not worth salt, as my dear dad would have said! - another story there!

I am going to go READ!!!


  1. never feel guilty for buying books! also, thanks for stopping by my blog. i hope we can be blogging friends ^_^

  2. I'm struggling with reading books. Lately I've just been listening to audible books.

    I hardly ever venture into the books section when thrifting. I do want to find some vintage sewing books. I have never come across any thus far.

  3. Thanks, Stephanie! Even tho they are used, it is so excitingly luxurious to have lots and lots of books!

    Mama Violet, I actually do have several vintage sewing books - unfortunately, everything is packed now - please ask me when I land and unpack!