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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

That "hour" is fast approaching .....

I was just sharing online in another venue that I'm trying to hold on to the faith that at the 11th hour God is going to pull through a miracle - give us a street address, a decent, safe, accessible, home that I can actually afford because it will be hung on my actual income and not a previously decided level of income according to the govt of what is "low-income" ....

I do believe.  I do have faith!  But

As I was eating my tuna fish sandwich breakfast, what also came up was the fear I have been fighting, the one I don't want to face:  if I say that the God of my understanding is with me, and said God shall provide me a decent home, where I can display things and have if not my couch than my bed in there and some kitchen items ...

... am I not also saying that this God is not 'for' those who are homeless???  Because, without a place to live, that's what CoCo and I are.

I know that my God will be with us if we are on the journey of homelessness AND

I don't want to be on that dammed journey of homelessness, thank you very much!!!  

That proverbial 11th hour is fast approaching

and I for one am holding on like that hanging strip you use to mount a picture, that rips the dammed wallpaper off when you try to remove it!!!

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