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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saturday is the 15th

Saturday is my Myndie Ruth's birthday.  She passed two July's ago, but you know, I still look for her -especially more so that her sister of the heart, CoCo, has taken a page from Myndie's book and has really gotten into a pattern of sleeping in the closet, under my clothes!

I miss Myndie dearly!!!  I was packing the other day and came across photos of her, and it just stomped all over my heart. 

I know my focus should be on my closing date, and letting the bank know, and yadda yadda ... but really all I can think of is my beloved doggy!  My heart is heavy with her.

You ask how I remember HER birthday, when I'm so vague on most birthdays?!  My childhood best friend - that was her birthday.  Is, actually, but the good Lord only knows where she is - last I heard, she decided for whatever reason to recycle herself back to being the bad girl she was in junior high school, after a longterm successful adulthood, both marriage and career wise.  Yeah, I miss her, too ...

... and I miss my childhood, and times when I could weather anything, really, because I had more behind me backing me up instead of tripping me up!

But most of all ... CoCo and I miss Myndie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hi jeannee!

    thanks for educating me about what granola chic means! That's so interesting to fnd out what that person meant, because now it all makes sense! haha

    I wonder how you ended up on my blog! I have always been interested in writing but my voice can overwhelm my writing skills and moreoften than not, my subject-verb agreement goes south :/

    Thanks for stopping by my blog any ways and helping me figure out what granola means ^_^

  2. Sorry to hear you are sad....big hugs!