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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why I have a jar of old buttons .....

I was talking to a friend the other day, who asked me what I would like for Christmas???

I shrugged and said, "Nah, nothin' -  get my doggy another bag of those treats, ok?"

He asked me again, with a little more insistence.  Surely there was SOMETHING?! --

I gave him a smile & replied, "My dear friend, what I want you can't give me - because it doesn't fit in a box, and, it can't be found, either.  What I want - well - how about my Mom and Dad back???  Yeahhh, that's what I'd like for Christmas!!!"

That sure explains things like why I have a jar of old buttons in storage (someplace ...still digging!) --

-- because my mom touched them; they were next to her sewing machine ...

Yeahhh, that's what I'd like (even Mom - now that I understand her more!) ..............

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