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Sunday, December 23, 2012

WAS $69.00 NOW $49.99 (New Balance sadness)

YES, I was the one who highly touted and promoted New Balance sneakers, as a way to support an American-made product in an economically-depressed area ...

Well ...

Folks, I go out around grass and macadam, mostly ... and I'm not standing long-term in a gas station for a living (which I do know - whatever brand you have - it eats shoes!) ... and I don't wear them all day long - just when I know I have to leave the house --

-- already, the soles are shredding and separating.  It's not quite at the point where it's going to flap loose and I'm going to trip, and I'm not taking on water yet ... but ... yeahhh, these shoes are trashed ;(

Do I want to support Americans?


Do I want to spend just under a hundred dollars again for a product that isn't going to last?

Absolutely NOT!

I looked around online and found an Easy Spirit (which I know is a good brand name) sneaker that ZIPPERS - this is part of the brave new world for me, folks!  And the bonus was that they were ON SALE! (see my headline)  -- therefore --

I'll let you know how THEY work out ....

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