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Saturday, December 22, 2012

That *Lancaster* feeling

When I was a kid, my parents and myself took a vacation to the Pennsylvania Dutch country - Lancaster, PA...

Looking back at pictures from that time & place brings back so many memories (just ask me what happened at the wax museum for First Ladies!) - but there is this one particular photo that I'm thinking of right now:

We were staying at a motel with a pool.  It was right around sunset.  My mother had  the camera, while my dad and I decided to go swimming --

Mom captured this brilliant! photo of me airborne, jumping into the pool, with the setting sun illuminating the air behind me .... and my father looking up at me, his arms upstretched to catch me.

Very evocative of our entire relationship, me and Dad <3

Now I'm sure if I was as good of a 'minister' (non-ordained) as I am a writer, I could craft a volume on how our good God is like my earthly father was that day --

-- but -- since I'm not --

I'll say this, instead:  that all my life I've looked and searched - in many places, amongst many situations - for someone in my life that I can trust myself to be airborne around, because I knew without a doubt, that they would catch me

And so far, that's only been my Daddy

and I buried him in 2007

Some girls seek Prince Charming ... or the Fresh Prince ...

I seek someone to catch me airborne.

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