Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life ... is not always comprehensible

Was walking CoCo outside early this morning and I could not believe it!  My neighbor was taking a weed-wacker to the overgrown lawn by the side of her apt?!  Susan ... are they discounting your rent - is that why you're doing this?!, I asked ... to which, she laughed - her doggy is about 4 lbs and the grass is so high, Gracie literally gets lost in there!  "I've called the office, the township, and now dammit I'm making my dog a pee spot.  Feel free to let CoCo go there, too!"  ;)  Right neighborly, I'd say! ....

My extremely clean neighbor - my 'you can eat off these floors!' neighbor - Dave and I have been going back and forth - see, he thinks he $owes$ me for being so nice and doing various favors - I think he doesn't ... so finally I found us a middle ground - "Dave!  Help!  I can't bend and don't have the strength in my arms!  Could you please clean my bathtub?"  and yes I showed him how bad was bad ... and he agreed ...

So my other neighbor Karl is over here and he's still relatively sober ... and Dave knocks, comes in, and announces, "I'm here to clean your tub!"  Well the look on Karl's face was priceless ;)  He could not even begin to comprehend why Dave would just show up and clean my bathtub ;)~~~

Then there are the other things that are incomprehensible ...

My 89 year old Doris was in here yesterday - Doris who herself always tells it like it is: her mind is sharp - her body is failing -- well, yesterday -- her mind was catching up to her body ;-  I realized we were in trouble (and it wasn't a problem of, say, hearing) when she couldn't even comprehend about the woman upstairs she's steadily complained about for the past year, didn't even know of whom I was speaking ...

And speaking of the woman upstairs from her --

That would be Grandma upstairs.  Love her!  The noises are from her visiting, ADHD and possibly other neurological disorders, grandchildren - ol 'thunder feet' ;0  Anyway ...Grandma was in the hospital again ... and her daughter said she'd be coming home today, but now on oxygen ... so when I heard a car --

I was talking to her daughter and waved upstairs to Grandma, who was at the balcony, and who smiled at me.  Her daughter said, "I don't think she knows who you are anymore.  Don't feel bad!  My brothers came and she didn't know them one whit!"

And then, I did something incomprehensible:  I told her daughter that the ground-level apt next to me is available, which would certainly! make everything easier with oxygen ... why is that incomprehensible?!

Because my nerves can't take noise!  Not anymore.  Not after things I've experienced.

But you know what they say, too,

That when you love someone, you do incomprehensible things

And I do love my neighbor, ol' Grandma upstairs!

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