Monday, May 13, 2013

B I G update on someone I've been praying about ! (Extra! Extra!)

A local gal I know from her having been a waitress at the diner, named Jessica, was involved in a horrific ATV crash that later claimed the life of her fiancee ... it happened right before Easter, and that sticks in my mind, because her she has a kid who was turning six, I think it was, the day following the holiday - and now his Mama was airlifted out of here, critical!!!

As much as I could glean, here and there, I followed her progress ... and I had heard she had been released!  But today, sitting at the counter in Ray's Diner, the door opens, in comes a small group, and --


She looked - tired - she looked well! she was dressed and up on her feet, walking around!  She had on a collar.  Now, I've worn one, and mine was foam.  Hers has metal hinges on the back, so obviously! her injury was far, far more serious!

You know what I thought about?  Those celebrities who complain about people bum-rushing them when they're sitting at a table in some no-name out of the way restaurant just trying to get there drink on and maybe the feedbag, too ... so I simply made eye contact and smiled, and she smiled back, and there was recognition, and I was just a customer, no one major in her life, so - that's a GOOD sign, too :)

Just hit me with a flood of emotions, seeing her out and about with her family <3 and realizing too she had to be HOME for Mother's Day, and that had to make the mama's in her family feeling very blessed! - including herself!!!

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