Wednesday, May 8, 2013

About that house of horrors

The news is resounding with the joyous freedom of 3 young women (and apparently a little girl born in captivity, like Jaycee Dugard's two) as much as it is angry at the police for not doing there jobs over there in Cleveland, THE place where that Sowell guy had 11 bodies ... and, rightly so, rightly so!...

Now, of course, with such news, e media of all types - from professionals to bloggers like myself to social media, et al - have something to say!  I do, but it's about what someone had to say -- eerr, let me explain that! --

In one online place where I can actually still access things (as my computer is on partial crash right now), I caught a comment - "People need to watch their children more" - and as I read that, I sat here and wanted to let out a loud -


This isn't a story (at least, not what I've heard so far) about negligent parenting ... this is about Amanda Berry being old enough to have a paying job - and accepting a ride from a coworker.  This is Gina DeJesus walking home from middle school.  By that age, most parents allow there kids to walk home - they're old enough to do so, not like a child in elementary school!  And what if the parents work? That is more my thought on Gina, as the Washington Post described her walk from school as follows: "She typically covered nearly 40 blocks on the trek, which took her through thriving commercial areas, blocks dotted by churches, and neighborhoods dogged by drugs and prostitution."  (Why wasn't there a school bus, for pity's sakes!  That's a hike - and it would have prevented this abduction!  Is it because the area was poor, and Cleveland officials don't like there poor?!!)  And Michelle Knight - she was at her cousin's house : visiting a relative.  All three of these young women were doing things that almost every parent I could think of would allow an older child to do without hovering on top on them like helicopters, because they're nearly grown now! 

Including my own.

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