Monday, May 6, 2013

Apartment 1, cursing in the parking lot!

It was around 1.30 in the afternoon when I took my rain-pain-racked self out, to run some local errands ... believe you me! all looked ok when I left! ...

I came back and from three stops + a mailbox drop from the SUV's window, I was DEAD ... and greatly looking forward to the 7-11 coffee in my cupholder! - in fact - 'just for YOU, Miss CoCo!' <3 - we were gonna sit outside for me to have the coffee!

Now you stop me in telling my story and want to know how we can sit outside if its raining?!

Because we live on the ground floor ... and right above our heads is what I call 'the boardwalk' : the upstairs, open-air, 2d-floor, walkway.

So now I get out of my truck ... hobble over to put the coffee down by my chair, and


Someone has shattered a beer bottle very obviously from the 2d floor, and very obviously intended for the guy's truck it has crashed into a bazillion pieces in front of.

I have suspects, but the place is a ghost town now, of course --

-- and - knowing there are small children AND pets - including my own! who knows she's allowed to walk on the sidewalk with her leash dragging, just no parking lot - AND stray cats --

-- someone has to sweep it up

-- and unfortunately that SOMEONE is


Oh, you had to hear me -- it's what used to be called "blue language" -- the jist of which was:  pick up your own dammed mess!  there are kids and animals around here!  what kind of pig are you, after all?!

At least I had a cardboard box in here that was ready for trash, so, ok -- I sweep all the glass, big pieces (Icehouse brand, btw) and tiny shards (the kind that would stick in a paw), into the box -- and then, I'm walking across the parking lot, and --

A strange and strong gust of wind out of nowhere rips the box out of my hand and strews the glass all over the parking lot.

I stood there and thought to myself - This is a good sermon, Jean:  "every time I get myself picked up and collected, a typhoon comes and blows me all askew again!!!"

*Sigh*  So here I go, again, because now where it's landed - I'm worried about TIRES!

When I find this pig, I may request they drink out of cans.

Or go to AA.

Or live on the first floor.


<Clears her throat>  That is all.

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