Monday, May 13, 2013

B I G update on someone I've been praying about ! (Extra! Extra!)

A local gal I know from her having been a waitress at the diner, named Jessica, was involved in a horrific ATV crash that later claimed the life of her fiancee ... it happened right before Easter, and that sticks in my mind, because her she has a kid who was turning six, I think it was, the day following the holiday - and now his Mama was airlifted out of here, critical!!!

As much as I could glean, here and there, I followed her progress ... and I had heard she had been released!  But today, sitting at the counter in Ray's Diner, the door opens, in comes a small group, and --


She looked - tired - she looked well! she was dressed and up on her feet, walking around!  She had on a collar.  Now, I've worn one, and mine was foam.  Hers has metal hinges on the back, so obviously! her injury was far, far more serious!

You know what I thought about?  Those celebrities who complain about people bum-rushing them when they're sitting at a table in some no-name out of the way restaurant just trying to get there drink on and maybe the feedbag, too ... so I simply made eye contact and smiled, and she smiled back, and there was recognition, and I was just a customer, no one major in her life, so - that's a GOOD sign, too :)

Just hit me with a flood of emotions, seeing her out and about with her family <3 and realizing too she had to be HOME for Mother's Day, and that had to make the mama's in her family feeling very blessed! - including herself!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

LanaIndiana: The Power of Love Part 1

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Friday, May 10, 2013

LOST IN THE 50's: 30's vintage CLUB... CICADA!!!

LOST IN THE 50's: 30's vintage CLUB... CICADA!!!: Here is another great souvenir from our spring trip in the USA...   We spent an amazing evening at CICADA CLUB !   It's a ...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

miss b and the bygones: Me made funkalicious ottoman cover.

miss b and the bygones: Me made funkalicious ottoman cover.:       I am of the school of thought that says, "It's a bargain - buy it now!"even if I don't really need it.  (...

About that house of horrors

The news is resounding with the joyous freedom of 3 young women (and apparently a little girl born in captivity, like Jaycee Dugard's two) as much as it is angry at the police for not doing there jobs over there in Cleveland, THE place where that Sowell guy had 11 bodies ... and, rightly so, rightly so!...

Now, of course, with such news, e media of all types - from professionals to bloggers like myself to social media, et al - have something to say!  I do, but it's about what someone had to say -- eerr, let me explain that! --

In one online place where I can actually still access things (as my computer is on partial crash right now), I caught a comment - "People need to watch their children more" - and as I read that, I sat here and wanted to let out a loud -


This isn't a story (at least, not what I've heard so far) about negligent parenting ... this is about Amanda Berry being old enough to have a paying job - and accepting a ride from a coworker.  This is Gina DeJesus walking home from middle school.  By that age, most parents allow there kids to walk home - they're old enough to do so, not like a child in elementary school!  And what if the parents work? That is more my thought on Gina, as the Washington Post described her walk from school as follows: "She typically covered nearly 40 blocks on the trek, which took her through thriving commercial areas, blocks dotted by churches, and neighborhoods dogged by drugs and prostitution."  (Why wasn't there a school bus, for pity's sakes!  That's a hike - and it would have prevented this abduction!  Is it because the area was poor, and Cleveland officials don't like there poor?!!)  And Michelle Knight - she was at her cousin's house : visiting a relative.  All three of these young women were doing things that almost every parent I could think of would allow an older child to do without hovering on top on them like helicopters, because they're nearly grown now! 

Including my own.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Apartment 1, cursing in the parking lot!

It was around 1.30 in the afternoon when I took my rain-pain-racked self out, to run some local errands ... believe you me! all looked ok when I left! ...

I came back and from three stops + a mailbox drop from the SUV's window, I was DEAD ... and greatly looking forward to the 7-11 coffee in my cupholder! - in fact - 'just for YOU, Miss CoCo!' <3 - we were gonna sit outside for me to have the coffee!

Now you stop me in telling my story and want to know how we can sit outside if its raining?!

Because we live on the ground floor ... and right above our heads is what I call 'the boardwalk' : the upstairs, open-air, 2d-floor, walkway.

So now I get out of my truck ... hobble over to put the coffee down by my chair, and


Someone has shattered a beer bottle very obviously from the 2d floor, and very obviously intended for the guy's truck it has crashed into a bazillion pieces in front of.

I have suspects, but the place is a ghost town now, of course --

-- and - knowing there are small children AND pets - including my own! who knows she's allowed to walk on the sidewalk with her leash dragging, just no parking lot - AND stray cats --

-- someone has to sweep it up

-- and unfortunately that SOMEONE is


Oh, you had to hear me -- it's what used to be called "blue language" -- the jist of which was:  pick up your own dammed mess!  there are kids and animals around here!  what kind of pig are you, after all?!

At least I had a cardboard box in here that was ready for trash, so, ok -- I sweep all the glass, big pieces (Icehouse brand, btw) and tiny shards (the kind that would stick in a paw), into the box -- and then, I'm walking across the parking lot, and --

A strange and strong gust of wind out of nowhere rips the box out of my hand and strews the glass all over the parking lot.

I stood there and thought to myself - This is a good sermon, Jean:  "every time I get myself picked up and collected, a typhoon comes and blows me all askew again!!!"

*Sigh*  So here I go, again, because now where it's landed - I'm worried about TIRES!

When I find this pig, I may request they drink out of cans.

Or go to AA.

Or live on the first floor.


<Clears her throat>  That is all.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life ... is not always comprehensible

Was walking CoCo outside early this morning and I could not believe it!  My neighbor was taking a weed-wacker to the overgrown lawn by the side of her apt?!  Susan ... are they discounting your rent - is that why you're doing this?!, I asked ... to which, she laughed - her doggy is about 4 lbs and the grass is so high, Gracie literally gets lost in there!  "I've called the office, the township, and now dammit I'm making my dog a pee spot.  Feel free to let CoCo go there, too!"  ;)  Right neighborly, I'd say! ....

My extremely clean neighbor - my 'you can eat off these floors!' neighbor - Dave and I have been going back and forth - see, he thinks he $owes$ me for being so nice and doing various favors - I think he doesn't ... so finally I found us a middle ground - "Dave!  Help!  I can't bend and don't have the strength in my arms!  Could you please clean my bathtub?"  and yes I showed him how bad was bad ... and he agreed ...

So my other neighbor Karl is over here and he's still relatively sober ... and Dave knocks, comes in, and announces, "I'm here to clean your tub!"  Well the look on Karl's face was priceless ;)  He could not even begin to comprehend why Dave would just show up and clean my bathtub ;)~~~

Then there are the other things that are incomprehensible ...

My 89 year old Doris was in here yesterday - Doris who herself always tells it like it is: her mind is sharp - her body is failing -- well, yesterday -- her mind was catching up to her body ;-  I realized we were in trouble (and it wasn't a problem of, say, hearing) when she couldn't even comprehend about the woman upstairs she's steadily complained about for the past year, didn't even know of whom I was speaking ...

And speaking of the woman upstairs from her --

That would be Grandma upstairs.  Love her!  The noises are from her visiting, ADHD and possibly other neurological disorders, grandchildren - ol 'thunder feet' ;0  Anyway ...Grandma was in the hospital again ... and her daughter said she'd be coming home today, but now on oxygen ... so when I heard a car --

I was talking to her daughter and waved upstairs to Grandma, who was at the balcony, and who smiled at me.  Her daughter said, "I don't think she knows who you are anymore.  Don't feel bad!  My brothers came and she didn't know them one whit!"

And then, I did something incomprehensible:  I told her daughter that the ground-level apt next to me is available, which would certainly! make everything easier with oxygen ... why is that incomprehensible?!

Because my nerves can't take noise!  Not anymore.  Not after things I've experienced.

But you know what they say, too,

That when you love someone, you do incomprehensible things

And I do love my neighbor, ol' Grandma upstairs!

Chronically Vintage: You can't put a price tag on nostalgia

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Life, Reworked ....

One of my biggest fears when I lived in the last city I did, where I knew almost no one, and very infrequently did I have visitors (with some very notable exceptions! like my dear next-door neighbor), one of my biggest fears was that I would drop dead in the house ... and no one would find me ... and the dogs would starve to death ... and I would become a weird news item of the day, like the mummified woman no one missed in her neighborhood, either ;-

This afternoon, my neighbor and friend, Karl, in #13, dropped over ... he does that, and that's nice :)  Then, his Mom called him on the phone and said she was stopping over - "I'm in #1, Mom" ... so his Mom came here!  So I got to meet Karl's mom, and that was nice, but wait!  She was coming over to bring him dinner and as he said he was visiting a neighbor in #1 - well, she brought me some, too - A HOMECOOKED MEAL :)  Oh my WORD!  I about died and went to HEAVEN!!! 

And then, while they were here ... my former neighbor Bobby came over ... Doris in #3 stopped down ... AND Karl's son Kyle came over.  I had more people, than furniture!  Well I could have had enough spaces, actually, but you see my mind's still stuck in the rut of being a single recluse, so I have stuff all over ... I had a living room full!!!  WOW!  Me - I had that!

I have a life reworked, I realized that today!  AMEN!!!