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Monday, November 19, 2012

You don't care

This after, I went to see the doc - the one who is in charge of administrating my meds ... nice guy! one of my 2 favorite doc's in the Shenandoah Valley :)

Anyway, he and I agreed on this point: that the meds he has prescribed for me have eased my suffering - and thats a very good thing, indeed!  Praise God!!!  -- but also --

He and I both recognize that I'm not back on my game, not back to being myself ... and it's not just my appearance (which is always a big red flag for me personally) -- its that I'm ok with being around people on a "hi, how are you?" basis -- on a "could I have the meatloaf special with ..." basis --- but that I'm not banging down doors to make hangout friends ---

Doc feels that since my suffering is eased, mebbe I'll be able to get to that part ... personally, I think he's an optimist, but -sure, ok -- and, oh yeah --

You don't care that the emotional trauma you caused in my life & my soul has gotten me to not like and mistrust people.  You don't care because (this is multiple choice: you pick the ones that apply to you -- maybe it's more than one --) --

     You're a sociopath.

     You're a con artist, who bled me until I was dry & then you moved on to the next vic.

     You have a hidden ball of shit that I have no clue what it's all about & you won't fill me in.

     You have an addiction that tops everyone & everything.

     You have an untreated mental illness that tops everyone & everything.

     You are jealous.

Well ... mebbe you don't care -- BUT the doc & I do ... & my suffering has been eased (despite you'se people) --

-- Thank you God, indeed!!!!!!

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