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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How come??? Can you explain something to me?!

The title of this blog post is something my father used to say to me, when he didn't understand what in the hell I was doing --

-- I've borrowed his phrase not only to title this writing, but as a question to God

You see, God, I was just up on Facebook.  And I caught some things - about my friend Trish - the one who has been with you now for two years ... plus, her birthday was just last month, too, so there were postings re: "Happy Birthday in Heaven!" -- so here's my question, God:

Trish had a husband who had loved her since they were teenagers.

Trish had five children.

Trish was community-active and made an impact on an awful lot of lives in an awful lot of ways - her sphere of influence was extensive! just as extensive as all the people who would call her there friends -- many of them for many, many years!

Trish had a faith that would put many to there knees, realizing that there own faith was shallow.

*** How come, God?!  Can you explain something to me?!  Why is Trish not here, in any of these places where she is so desperately needed and missed?!  We could start with the growing children, but really - any and all of these places need Trish and - she's not here -- HOW COME, GOD?!!  ********

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