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Thursday, November 22, 2012

"And you liked that?!"

My friend Kevin and I have had a running joke for a while now, about that movie that came out called with his name in the title - there's something about ... we need to talk about ... KEVIN!  ;) 

So last night I took a deep breath (as it was on the higher end of the rental scale) and watched it - WOW! Love this movie!

So of course! I HAD TO! tell Kevin I watched "his" movie ;) 

He wanted to be filled in on everything, so, ok, I did that ... when I got to the conclusion, he said, essentially, that while it sounded like a good movie, very interesting, that even with my interest in horror films, detective shows, true crimes ... he couldn't believe I would say I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

It was Tilda Swan's character of Eva.

She's someone I can identify with --

She's alone in her home on a holiday with a cold sandwich. She's by herself even when she's around other people & mebbe that's ok, because when she is around other people, she gets hurt even worse than she already is, or stared at///ignored.  She's walking around looking haunted, the eyes of someone who's lived through a horrific trauma. She needs meds just to survive the everyday.

And then there was the Christmas party scene ...she was actually feeling like her life was normal again and then... when the jerk said the unthinkable ... she didn't fold and agree with him - no! She gathered up whatever shred of dignity she had remaining, and left.  Go, Eva, Go!

I take the ending as hopeful - I really do!  Because she's walking into the light.  Her light is that her son is now going to an adult prison, and my belief in the ending is that she's going to escape: she's going to get in her ratty little car and go far, far away, where no one knows her, and have a better life!

She gives me inspiration doing that.

That, and that she can hug the person who brought her the most pain she ever experienced, she can still love that person in spite of every single piece of pain he ever gave to her -- that gives me a goal to aspire to!

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