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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Veil of Chastity won an award - congrats!

I'm a reader of the blog called "The Veil of Chastity", and today I read that she has won an award - congratulations!!!  The award itself has a German name and a whole meaning behind it, too.  Almost all of the questions are religious-based; she, in turn, nominated four other bloggers (not myself) and asked 11 questions of her own (again, almost all spiritually-based) and so it goes ...

I would personally love to tackle these questions on my own blog :)  However, like The Daily Prompt, it may just take me some time to get to them - at least today I have 'an excused absence' : my neighbor was taken away by ambulance this morning ;0  It looks heart-related, and all prayers are appreciated!!! ... Poor guy's in rough shape, obviously! - I'm just shaken-up -- so -- that said, let me tackle an easy-enough question that is NOT God-based :

"Is your refrigerator door clear or do you have stuff on it?"

Until the exterior stairs started really going bad, these apartments I would say were in decent-enough shape BUT had what I personally consider little niggling things - i.e. nothing I would go talk to the landlord about fixing, but little things like - there are supposed to be TWO bifold doors on the bedroom closet, not one!

And -- the bottom door shelf on the fridge is unuseable because it's cracked AND without a 'bar' to hold the items in ;(  

That said, the shelf above can hold the "smalls" (no chuckling, Brit readers ;) ), which, for me, consist of the following:

Cocktail sauce (Lent ... Fish Friday ... I have been VERY lazy, tho, and gone alot w/ pizza! - as well as --) Peanut butter & jelly; also, mayo (now, please!  I'm not Southern by birth (I just got here as fast as I could;)) which means I do NOT glop it all over everything and anything!  it is for tuna, and tuna only!!!)
Parmesian cheese
Italian dressing (because a neighbor gave me lettuce & that reminds me I should get into that again!)

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