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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashion I DON'T want delivered to my email, ty!

I've been a true crime buff since I was a little girl and yeahhh how that all started is a story in and of itself! -- Suffice it to say, just about any way one human being can shed blood of another, I've read, researched, and///or watched on the small screen!  From that comes a first cousin: the tv shows about having been stalked, or disappeared, or surviving impossible odds, like so --

-- and in one of these I found the story of a decent, good woman - a single parent -- whose very unusually-named daughter got involved with a predator ... who ran away from home to be with him ... who of course couldn't get too much help from the law, even tho this was a juvenile, because of the caseload ... who basically did her own detective work and when she found where they were  holed up, she called the law, who swooped in and arrested the guy ...

-- and very sadly this didn't become a homespun tale of mother & daughter reunited -- oh sure the mother was more than willing to work through the issues, go to counseling, whatever it took -- but the daughter could only see the benefits of belonging to the creep : she moved in with HIS mother and essentially turned her back on her own, having at best a strained relationship, instead going through her sisters to communicate, when she did so at all ...

So I am sitting here at a time when the so-called "great outdoors!" has gone into "let's have a BLIZZARD!" mode, websurfing, and I see that someone has a fashion blog w/ this same first name!

So, ok, I go in to check ... oh yes!  I would know that face anywhere!  At least now she's in college, is engaged to be married, dresses very well (more on that later!) ... and in her "about me" she declares her love for her siblings, but nothing about the devoted mother who rescued her from a life of hell ...

If you're still using your mother to wipe your feet on - if you're still carrying the grudge of a 13 year old girl, in the body of a 20-something woman - I definitely DO NOT want YOUR fashion, however much I like it!, delivered to my email - no thanks!!!

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