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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jessy, her daughter, & Cody

Jessy is one of the bubbly young waitresses here at Ray's Diner in town.  She has a 5 year old daughter (from a previous relationship) and even tho I don't know about this part, I'm pretty sure Mom and daughter were making big plans for Easter WHICH THE VERY NEXT DAY IS THE DAUGHTER'S BIRTHDAY!!!  Can you imagine how excited this child had to be?!

Had to.  Past tense.  Because this little girls life has suddenly altered ...

Jessy had a boyfriend, named Cody ... and like good ol' country people like to do, Jessy & Cody went out for a ride together on Cody's ATV.

They wrecked.

Cody is gone, and Jessy had to be airlifted to an advanced trauma center at the University of Virginia: she's critical -she's no better, but then again, she's no worse, say her friends, who are walking around in shock.

I'm walking around in shock!

It's one of these eternal questions that I still can't answer, that a friends mother asked me in anguish when her daughter died way too young - Jeannee, why her and not me?!  I've lived my life - she has a son to raise!

I don't know ... honest to God, this one I don't have an answer to!!!  Jessy should be, you know, running orders, getting ready for her daughter's big day, enjoying her time with a guy she likes!  And Cody - here's a young man who may have just been considering "well now I'd have a readymade family right here" - which around these parts is usually considered a good situation ...

For everyone involved, I'm simply asking for prayers, please!

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