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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

At The Picket Fence: Ten Commandments for every blogger...

At The Picket Fence: Ten Commandments for every blogger...: Lately I've been thinking about what makes a successful blogger...and, by successful I'm not talking financial success, or populari...


  1. this is a wonderful entry. all things i think about before i post. i try not to make my entries too wordy, where the reader might loose interest. i love pictures, color and fun.

    you sent me to a very nice blog!! xo

  2. Hello Jeannee! Thanks for the comment! Yeah, its been SO hot in my neck of the woods and I can't bare to think of putting on a scarf let alone a fall coat! I just got to looking at your blog and I will check out this link for the 10 commandments, just wanted to make sure to leave you a comment!