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Thursday, October 4, 2012

An October w/ the a/c on ...

I just now went to post a news article and realized that an awful lot of my blogging lately has been sharing from other sources - and while I'm very happy to have an avenue to share what I feel is important, I realized too I haven't shared a personal update in a while, so, here goes :

I am still dealing with things that have changed - or haven't - to whit --

Thank you God for the antibiotics!!!  Almost all of the infection in my mouth is gone!!!  However - it still pinches a little; I still have to find a dentist to do the extraction (AND live through that); and now I have a riproaring female infection (despite yogurt + probiotics).

Thank you God for my other meds!!! I'm already finding I'm not getting as stuck in the sadness over not being able to turn around to someone who lives in the same house and loves me, and/or actual family, and/or being able to pick up the phone or walk down the hall & say "Daddy!" when something goes wrong.  I suppose that's a good thing, not being stuck in an overwhelming emotion ... BUT it DOESN'T change those facts & bring any changes into my life, either.  This whole dental distress thing REALLY reinforced for me (once again) how it's me and my beloved CoCo and that's it, folks.

Thank you God for what I still (somehow) manage to have remaining in my life!!!


  1. Yes, so grateful for medicine and antibiotics-- glad the hear the good news about your mouth, sounds painful! Hope everything is okay

  2. Jeannee, it is so important to be huged and to feel love, I could not survive without the love of my family. You are a very strong woman, who has been though a lot of changes, be kind to yourself, you deserve that!

    I have had pain in my face and mouth for 2.5 years. I have had 7 dental procedures, cyber knife and on Monday they pulled one of my molars. Still no relief. They feel it's trigeminal neuralgia but are not sure. Long story longer, I feel your pain but the extraction was not bad!! Good luck!!!

  3. oooohhh and my ac is on also!!!