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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The open land - a problem for old paws ...

My dear, sweet CoCo is 16 ... and while she's still eating, peppy, goes outside, its her back legs that are getting weaker and weaker - some days, more than others ...

I happened to turn around in time today to catch what her problem is when she goes through the kitchen - the only part of this apartment that doesn't have carpet - its linoleum, and because she can't get a good grip on the floor, she was sliding, in danger of wiping out! EXCEPT I had tossed a throw rug kind of in the middle of the room and so she was doing this weird stretched-out gasp-I-can-make-it! to the throw rug, just to get through the kitchen!  the poor thing!!!

So I went into the kitchen and put the two throw rugs I had end-to-end -- which only took care of half the kitchen!  "She'll get in the exact middle and be stranded - there's still enough lino that she'll wind-up flat on her belly, looking at me with an embarrassed smile, hopefully not hurt!!!"  No, that wouldn't do!!!

I know I have more scatter///throw rugs -- but they're in storage *somewhere* *to be found eventually when I go on my next archeological dig go Jean!* -- so that didn't answer the problem of what to do NOW --

So I created a "faux throw rug" - something you can do when you live alone, say, and its just you and the doggy, and you have little foot traffic otherwise --

Yep.  I tossed a blanket over that part of the floor!!!


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