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Friday, January 11, 2013

Pro-lifers to protest Obama Inauguration in D.C. with graphic abortion images |

Pro-lifers to protest Obama Inauguration in D.C. with graphic abortion images |


  1. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice! I never discuss this issue, it's just too personal for me!

    As to my flip-flops, I have MS and have extreme nerve pain in my feet and the bottom of my legs! I can't wear shoes or long pants, the pain becomes unbearable, I'm fine, my feet don't get cold!

    1. (((((DEBBIE)))) - I didn't realize that the MS affected you in the department of flip-flops and capri's, my dear friend! altho if I think of my fibromyalgia and the clothing choices I make, it does make sense (duh, Jean ...)!

  2. Debbie, the graphic pictures "work" for me, in feeling what I believe needs to be said - HOWEVER, and THAT SAID, I was reading an article by Theresa Bonapartisin which she quoted a woman who was having a problem w/ the pro-lifers that gave me some food for thought :

    "She went on to share, "Also, what didn't come out in my reflection, but is a huge issue for me, is the pictures! I can not handle the pictures that some are so insistent upon showing. Part of me fears I am looking at my actual brother (I'll never know what he looked like) but while I acknowledge that my brother died by abortion, which is a horrible thing, I am not ready for all the graphic pics.I wish they were less abrasive and more respectful of us post abortive families." As she shared her feelings I could not help but wonder how many other siblings have distanced themselves from the pro life movement because of our actions. How many of them wonder if the graphic images they see are their brother or sister? How many people have we "aborted" from God's mercy because they have felt judged by our actions, no matter how unintentional?