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Friday, January 18, 2013

Silver anniversary - but not as I imagined ...

I recently realized that I'm celebrating my silver anniversary this year - yes, that's right, that's right!

It is 25 years since fibromyalgia///chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, became my 'other half' ...

I was never an athlete, but I was someone who had been too dangerously close to crisis for many years; in fact, in my very early 20s, I distinctly remember taking one of those tests where you get points for stress situations in your life ... if you were approaching a 300 score, you were considered having a too-high level, and if you didn't divorce yourself from that type of lifestyle, you were in danger of getting very sick... the big ones of course being heart disease and high blood pressure - adrenal fatigue wasn't even talked about then, nor was yeast overgrowth - anyway -- 

Mine was just over 500.

I remember staring at that paper and breaking out in a cold sweat ... at that time, I wasn't ready to stop drinking ... but, beyond that - how DID I stop all the OTHER crisis situations in my life?!  For example:  my ex-husband had custody of our daughter - how in blazes was I supposed to stop THAT?!!

And then, at age 25, I had a car wreck that I walked away from - which was incredible to the responding officers as well as the flatbed driver, who had pick up my car engine from the other side of the road - but was never, ever to be physically over ....

It's my silver anniversary, and I'd sure like it to be one where some doctor somewhere found a cure!  I often say that I've spent so much of my adult life sick and disabled, I wouldn't know any other way to live - but you know what???

I'd like to find out how!!!!!

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  1. I just wanted to say hello. Thank you for stopping by over at mine and for your lovely comments. Im so sorry to read you have Fibromyagia i to suffer from this i was diagonsed last year. I actually control mine by taking a herbal tablet called Devils Claw i take 600mg a day and to be honest its been a life saver and helps with the pain in my joints and muscles. My son suffers with Crohn's disease and also Crohnic Fatique so i can understand how you feel at times. Life is very cruel at times. But we have to keep smiling and try and live it to the full :-) Best wishes, dee x